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About Us

Gold & Silver Supply was born out of my frustration as a precious metal investor. For the past several years, I was buying and occasionally selling gold and silver bullion.  I encountered a lot of problems.
  • When I ordered bullion online, I had to wait.  In some cases up to 3 months to receive the delivery.
  • Most local dealers don’t have inventory on hand.  
  • Many of the stores I went to did not have convenient parking. It’s not safe to walk many blocks to your car with precious metal in your hands… and it can be heavy too!
  • Some of the dealers I dealt with were very unfriendly and wouldn't answer my simple questions. Although, sometimes I just wanted to talk to a dealer that was knowledgeable and get their honest opinion without being pressured to buy.
  • I have even encountered dealers that would lie about spot prices on gold & silver.  I remember thinking "Come on!  It’s the 21st century…. Almost everyone has a smart phone!!!"
Finally, I got so fed up with of all the waiting, delayed investing, inconveniences, untruths, and inconsistencies and decided to participate in making a change so that other investors would not have to go through the same experiences I had gone through. That is why in February of 2011 we opened the doors of "Gold & Silver Supply" in Portland, Oregon.
What separates us from other businesses is the following:
  • We ship our product same or next business day.
  • At our locations you can receive gold and silver instantly.
  • Our store has convenient parking.
  • Our knowledgeable personnel will take time to answer questions.
  • We have live streaming buy/sell quotes in our stores for everyone to see.
  • No pressure to buy or sell.
  • In most cases, we can pay more for your bullion than other dealers.
  • We pay cash on the spot.
  • No minimum purchase required. (In store only)
  • Whether you are spending $10 or $100,000 our friendly service is the same!